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Radiadtion treatment patient
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Skin care during and after radiation therapy

Radiaderm R1 Cooling Gel Tube

Supporting your skin when it needs it most

The effects of skin damage, as a side effect of radiation treatment, often results in the skin remaining sensitised for a long period of months, or in some cases, years.

The combination of Radiaderm’s unique two step system has been specifically developed to effectively defend against and limit this damage.

Radiaderm R2 Soothing Lotion Tube

Clinically proven

Multi-Centre, hospital based clinical studies show


of Radiaderm R1 R2 users displayed no evidence of an adverse skin reaction during their radiation treatment


of Radiaderm R1 R2 users displayed no visible adverse skin effects 14 days after finishing radiation treatment

Real results

Real-life examples of patients' experiences using Radiaderm R1 R2

“My husband’s skin was really affected by his radiation treatments and he even had to interrupt his treatments and take a break. I was so happy to find a skincare system that could help him and give him some cooling relief.”

St Petersburg, Florida

Patient before and afer using Radiaderm R1 R2 radiation treatment skin care
Radiation therapy information and support

Information & Support

Looking for information about radiation therapy?

Below are some links to organisations and information that you made find useful

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